Six Months In Montréal

Tomorrow marks six months since my departure from Denver last August. I left the Mile High for Montréal with my wife Amber in order to pursue a master’s in English at Université de Montréal. Surprisingly, Montréal is starting to feel like home. I haven’t yet been scared away by the winter weather or the difficulties with adjusting to living in a bilingual city or even the seemingly impossible task of finding a proper burrito. Instead, I feel more motivated to get out and explore this bizarrely unique city, especially since I’ve realized that a quarter of the time I originally expected to spend in Québec is now gone.

On that note, this blog is something that I had hoped to have started working on upon arriving in Montréal, settling in, and beginning my graduate studies at Université de Montréal. However, I failed to anticipate just how long the “settling in” part of this equation would take. As a classmate of mine has mentioned, it’s difficult enough moving from one end of a city to another, let alone from one end of a continent to another. This, combined with the need to acclimate once again to the practices, etiquette, expectations, and general workings of the university has set me back a few months.

This isn’t to say that I haven’t been working on my website at all. In fact, I reworked the entire design and organization with the expectation that one day I would begin posting regular updates. I managed to build all of the most important pages, including those that display some information about me, my curriculum vitae, a few papers I feel confident enough to share, and, of course, photos of my dog Linus. In the future, I hope to increase the number of papers available on the site, and I plan on using blog posts as ways to share both various things that interest me and updates about what I’m currently working on.

To start here and now, I recently submitted two abstracts for upcoming graduate conferences in Montréal. One abstract was for the Eleventh Annual English Graduate Conference that my own department—le département d’études anglaises—will be hosting in March at Université de Montréal. The other was for the 12th annual English Graduate Colloquium at Concordia, also taking place in March. I’ll be sure to post more information on the presentations I plan on giving at these events, so I won’t go into detail here.

So, aside from the usual class and research work—as well as, of course, spending time with my little family—this is what I’m currently focused on. I foresee this blog as an intellectual and creative space with very few guidelines, which is something I think I will need to keep me balanced as I continue my graduate studies in the many years to come. I don’t expect many readers, but if you’re so inclined, comments are welcome and encouraged. Oh, and if ever you’d like to contact me, just use this contact form. I should respond within a day or so, if not sooner.

À la prochaine.

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