Don Quixote & Literacy Rates Throughout History

Sancho Panza and his donkey

Starting a PhD has meant a dive back into coursework, and this term (which started back in January), I’ve been enrolled in, I think, one of the most interesting, exciting, and disorienting courses of my academic career: a directed reading of Don Quixote. I finished the 900-page tome about two…

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Working with PDF Annotations: Bookends, PDF Expert 5, & Evernote


Annotation is a vital part of academic reading and research. It’s a practice that is discipline- and field-agnostic—all of us need to mark up our texts as a way of interacting with what is being communicated to us. With physical documents (books, articles, etc.), this is as easy as grabbing…

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New in PAPERS: Master’s Thesis Proposal & The Affect of the Freakish in Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love


I’ve updated the PAPERS section of the site with two new pieces. The first is the proposal for my current master’s thesis project. The project is called Waxing Ornamental: Reading a Poetics of Excess in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood, and it’s naturally what’s occupying the majority of my time at…

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Seamless PDF Annotation Sync with PDF Expert 5’s Two-Way Sync


As a follow-up to my post on using Bookends, PDF Expert 5, and Dropbox to manage your PDF library, I thought I’d explain one of PDF Expert’s even more powerful features: two-way sync. The primary benefit of two-way sync is that it is automatic. Instead of downloading files from Dropbox…

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12th Annual Concordia English Graduate Colloquium Schedule


This is a nice coincidence: after posting the schedule for this year’s Université de Montréal English Graduate Conference, I discovered that the schedule for this year’s Concordia English Graduate Colloquium had been posted as well. I will be presenting at this colloquium on March 1, and this year’s topic is…

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